Feature Photo by Aaron Owens on Unsplash

A family friend met with me two years ago and started giving me investment tips. He also casually mentioned that I should connect with his childhood school friend who’s become a pastor and moved back to HK recently.

He never followed up on connecting me with that pastor.

A few months ago, my aunt showed me feedback from a younger friend of hers regarding my second book “Lose to Find: Change of Control”. I thanked my aunt for giving this young man my book, and offered to share at his young adults fellowship.

I connected with this young man, and he asked me to Zoom with his pastor for some vetting before inviting me to speak at his church’s small group.

Yes, you guessed it, this pastor is my friend’s childhood classmate.

We became friends, and after texting with him on a personal issue one day, I did my quiet time, and was very freaked out by a verse in my Psalms reading for the day, as it directly spoke on that very personal issue we were just discussing. So, I immediately shared that verse with him.

Now, here’s the real goosebumps.

That was the identical chapter of Psalms for his devotional that day, and earlier he highlighted that same verse during his devotional.

His quiet time routine of one chapter of Old Testament and one chapter of New Testament each day began in 1982. My routine of one chapter of Old Testament, one chapter of New Testament, one chapter of Psalms, and the chapter du jour of Proverbs began around 8-10 years ago. What are the odds of both of us reading the same Psalms on that very day after having that specific conversation???