Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash

The pandemic has not only been a major hit to the economy, but also to the grassroots who are heavily struggling to survive⋯

Can you hear their cries? Can you understand their burden?
“Here I am, send me.” (Isaiah 6:8b)

Frontline churches in Hong Kong are responding to the situation quickly but also facing serious shortages in manpower. Are YOU willing to lend a hand to support those in need in society, and respond to God’s commandment to love your neighbour? ⋯Roger urged us to take action RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW.

We invite you to watch the 2-minute video below to understand how you can respond to community needs!

HKCNP Call for Action: We are in URGENT need of volunteers to serve frontline churches in multiple districts
1) Assistance in distributing food supplies
2) Call grassroots to show your CARE
Register NOW to become a HKCNP ambassador (Volunteer category: Pandemic Care疫境關顧)

Click the link below to understand more about HKCNP:

Churches, corporates and organizations are welcomed to forward the above message to your personal network, and contact our HKCNP staff to respond in action:
(Phone: 36899810), so that we hold hands together in these times of difficulty to show our care and support.

For more details and news of the HK Caring Movement in Love and training courses, please click the following link: