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Are you feeling burnt-out from continuallystriving to be ‘financially succesful’?

Read Roger’s counterintuitive, God-orchestrated journey of being set free from the SLAVERY to MONEY.

“Thrilling and brutally honest story that illustrates biblical truths more than a sermon” – Rossana Lin

A very honest and inspiring journey about money and God” – squidleun4

“Valuable tool for introspection for everyone; not only for the religious or rich.”  – lenography

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Roger Lam was faced with a real money problem at a very young age when his birthright – the family business, was snatched away from him, and he developed a secret distrust of parental provision since the age of 14.

Money became his biggest hang-up and slave driver, and the childhood financial trauma triggered a quest for worldly success academically and then in the field of finance fueled by fear and anger for the better part of two decades until he got a divine wake-up call.

In Lost and Found: Money vs. Riches, Roger Lam shares his counterintuitive, God-orchestrated journey of setting free from the slavery to money by following the countercultural Biblical teachings on wealth and possessions.

Along the way, he had to repeatedly confront and overcome his underdog mindset, which was a byproduct of his sense of insecurity. Some of the stories are nothing short of supernatural.

Without a doubt, Roger Lam has suffered monetary losses in his lifetime, but what he found instead over the course of his journey is of infinite and eternal value.

By telling his story with great transparency and vulnerability, the life lessons that can be extracted from each chapter are potentially transformative and redemptive to our world, which has been blinded to awareness of the real truth of provision. 



What are people saying about this book?

“Compelling story and courageous message on money”

“Roger Lam does not pull any punches – even when he aims them at himself. His honesty about his awkward, and at times unhealthy, relationship with money is told with a humor and honesty that makes for a compelling story. Speaking truth to power is child’s play compared to speaking truth to money, especially in Hong Kong. But even more difficult is speaking truth to yourself. Roger does this with a candor that disarms and allows the reader to begin to ask the same hard questions about our own relationship with money. I highly recommend this book.

Robert Schwartz

“Engaging and Enlightening Life Story

“I am not an avid reader but could not put Roger’s book down as I was deeply engaged and enlightened. Although Roger Lam’s book is centered around fulfilling Christ’s call for compassion and forgiveness, the book is an interesting read about a Wall Street guy’s up and down life journey from High School to middle age. You can see Roger’s gradual transformation and his discovery that life is more than accumulating money and only taking care of inner circle of family and friends. As the book is genuine and honest, this book will benefit anyone who is searching for life purpose, personal transformation and fulfillment.”

Jung W Lee

Great Inspirations for Self Introspection!

“I’ve known Roger for a long time but I’ve never really “know” him until after reading “Lost and Found: Money vs. Riches”. You never really know what’s going on under the skin of a seemingly confident and well-to-do person until he opens up and shares his story in the most honest and vulnerable manner. It’s a great and thought provoking read whether you’re an acquaintance or not as it encourages you to think about your very own relationship with money and God. Highly recommended for anyone looking for inspirations for a journey of self introspection.

Jennifer Ma

Roger Lam

Author and Speaker

About the Author​

Roger Lam is the author of Lost and Found: Money vs. Riches and a speaker. After having spent twenty-five years in the finance industry, his God-given vision is to unveil the deceitfulness of wealth to Christ followers globally as a cure to the root problem of many social ills. He lives in Hong Kong with his wife Sylvia and their children Danielle and Enoch.